Magnetic Microphone Mount

no_clipOne thing that seems to make amateur radio folks more squeamish than finding a bag of frogs under their bed is the subject of drilling holes in their vehicle. Drilling holes to mount radios. Drilling holes to mount antennas. Drilling holes to mount a microphone somewhere on the dash. Some of you drill holes for microphone clips, or purchase alternatives that clip onto an air vent, and some of you simply toss the microphone in a cup holder. Today, I am going to share my solution for making a magnetic microphone mount that does not require holes in your dashboard.

On the back of some microphones you can take the hook button off. In this project I replaced it with a magnet from ebay that I picked up for less than $8 for a pack of 10. The N50 Neodymium magnet is more than strong enough to hold the microphone to a steel washer that is attached to the dash with some double-sided foam tape. I have made this modification to all my mics, including my go-box. The microphone conveniently attaches to the side of the go-box. I have had this configuration for my radios for over a year and it has performed very well. It is a an easy modification and if I need to, I can simply remove the tape from the dash, and no holes. In a future post, I will show you how I went in the opposite direction for a different aspect of my vehicle installation. – KJ6VTP