Field Day – It’s Not A Contest. No, Really.

2016 Field Day LogoARRL Field Day 2016 (June 25-26) is quickly approaching. Our local Field Day event will be a joint effort by operators from MHARS, GVARC, and SBCARA at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy. We have significantly stepped up our organization, and our game. We will potentially have 2 crank up towers for yagis, and beams, and dipoles. Oh, my! We plan to run 4A (4 operating stations), and a GOTA (or Get On The Air) where folks new to ham radio can learn about ham radio and make their first contact. We also plan to use laptop logging using the tried and true N3JLP Field Day Software.

Field Day is pretty much as the name implies – In a time of need, could you get your gear, and set up in a field? Do you have power, solar, batteries, generators? Do you have a means to get an antenna up? How about coax, and adapters? Are your power connectors compatible with who you will be sharing power with?

On the lighter side of things, it is a great day for some hobby time, camaraderie, and learning. Points are earned for each contact the team makes, and bonus points are awarded for things like: visiting ARRL officials, local dignitaries, ARES officials, as well as a host of other bonus points and modifiers. Keeping score is fun, but it is not our primary goal. We participate for the fun and friendship.

Set up begins at 8 AM on Saturday June 25th. On air operations will be from 11 AM – 9 PM. (We are not running the full 24 hours.) Stop by and say hi, and bring your friends that are interested in learning about amateur radio. We will put them on the air!