Anderson Powerpoles

powerpole05Lopping off the ends of the power connectors on your brand new gear may not sound like a good idea, but it probably is. Anderson Powerpole connectors have become the defacto standard for power connections in amateur radio. They are easy to connect, and come in a variety of amp ratings and colors. It is the power standard for ARES/RACES teams, and a quick, safe, way for hams to come together, and share power at an event or emergency. The connectors themselves are fairly inexpensive. But you will want to make a one-time investment in a proper Powerpole crimp tool. They are about $40-$50. Powerwerx has a great selection of Powerpole connectors and accessories. They also have an excellent tutorial page on how to make proper Powerpole connections. Check it out!

One thought on “Anderson Powerpoles

  1. This stuff is great
    …..and yes, expensive. I myself have spent hundreds of $$.
    But it not only is the standard for amateur radio, it is what I had been looking for for years to use in trailers, solar, and many different uses in my vehicles. I have even replaced the ends of my battery charger and can just plug it in without having to wiggle the clamps on the battery or worry about the clamps grounding out on the body. You can also use many things without having to play with the cigarette lighter plug. Over the years I had spent a whole bunch on connectors that I never was really happy with. If you can get past the price, you will be happy.

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