Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any More Weird…


The Radioddity GA-510, dual band, 3 power level, handheld receiver, manufactured by Baofeng, was just reviewed in QST magazine. A Baofeng! In QST! I know! Hell hath truly frozen over.

The QST, December, 2020, review (ARRL logon required to view) gave details about performance, features, and price point, which were all given high marks. Listed as an 8 / 4 / 1.1 watt selectable HT, the radio reportedly has a solid front end, good sensitivity, and harmonic suppression apparently suitable to warrant a QST review! And at $65, it is very competitive with many of the other “lessor” models in the lower end of the amateur radio market. The programming is typical Baofeng, but it does come with the programming cable, in the box, as well as belt clip, wrist strap (Does anyone use these?), and an earpiece/mic combo unit. The radio is also bundled with 2 – 2,200 mAh batteries that should provide significant run time. The number of memory channels is still restricted to 128, per Baofeng tradition.

Overall, it was a solid review and worth taking a look?