QRZ.COM New Logging!

Have you checked out QRZ.Com’s logging features lately? They have come a long way in the past year or so. Did you know you already have an account as an amateur radio licensee on QRZ.com? Well you do! You should check it out. Create your logon, and there are all kinds of goodies there from current news, forums for sharing tips, discussing new hardware, and even a swap meet for selling new and used equipment. There are always interesting things to read.

But what has truly improved over the past about 18 months is their logging feature. I now pretty much do all my logging directly into QRZ. Even with things like FT8, I have the software set up to directly send the log update into my QRZ log. I also have my LOTW set up so with 3 clicks of the mouse, I can upload all my current session QSO’s to LOTW, and then a couple days later, with 3 more mouse clicks, retrieve all my LOTW confirmed contacts. You should really check it out!