HF Signals BITX40

 So this showed up today in my news streams. It is a BITX40 7Mhz QRP SSB transceiver. At 7 watts, it has more than enough power to get on the air with a simple SSB radio. It is a “some assembly required” “kit”. The board is fully assembled, and it comes with connectors and other parts, but there is no housing, or speaker. At $45, it is an interesting thought. Check out their website for more details. http://www.hfsigs.com

One thought on “HF Signals BITX40

  1. I have 2x BitX-20’s. For some extra entertainment, Google that model and read its history. It started with a ham in India that was trying to come up with a transceiver that would appeal to hams in his country who had financial challenges. He used a number of common items, such as steel washers instead of ferrite cores, to keep prices to a bare minimum. There is also a Yahoo group for the BitX models.

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